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SUGAR – Does It Rule Your Child’s Diet and Behaviour?



I was reading “Little Sugar Addicts” from The Healing Room library looking for inspiration for writing this article – it is an excellent book if you want to understand the perils of sugar! But, I was struck by the notion that I wanted reach out to those of you with very young children – the ones who are just being introduced to food beyond breast or bottle and haven’t yet been conditioned to want sugar. Your child's diet becomes your child's behaviour!


It is known that babies/toddlers do not have a taste or desire for things like sugar or salt – it is an acquired taste and the early foods we give our children will determine whether they are hooked on sugar from an early age.


The plain and ugly of it is if you are eating sugar and sugar substitutes you are hurting your body. You are creating an addictive cycle of eating to feel full with the outcome of always feeling empty. So you need to fill up the space again, and again. Commencing a sugar-free journey isn’t to focus on a quick fix or a fad.  It’s not about dieting, it’s about eating real food. It’s about cutting out the waste, eating nutrient dense food that leaves you free to get back in touch with your body, your health, your life.


Being as much a risk factor to the health of our families and our communities as alcohol and smoking – to not assess your sugar intake is an injustice to the health of you and your family. We are leaving a footprint that is literally bigger than ever before – diabetes and obesity are no longer rare diseases. Luckily informed and inspired people are getting out there and uncovering the deception in our food products and lighting the way to honest, nourishing, living foods. You just have to listen.


If you would like to limit sugar in your child’s diet I recommend you look at the following resources to help you on your journey:


  • The Real Food Chef by Dr. Libby Weaver
  • My Petite Kitchen Cookbook by Eleonor Ozich or the website:
  • It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Feeding Little Tummies & Homegrown Kitchen by Nicola Galloway                                 


Many parents find it difficult to get their little ones to eat vegetables.  My little friend Lucy was introduced to a wide selection of foods when it was time for solids and was allowed to choose from a good selection at every meal.  This simple dipping sauce made eating fun, often messy, but with excellent results.


Lucy’s Dipping Sauce:

  • Lemon Juice
  • Cumin powder  
  • Melted Butter

Mix together & put in a small bowl with pieces of steamed vegies/fish/chicken arranged on the plate – let your toddler enjoy the fun of dipping & self-feeding!


Banana Frozen Delight:

This is a simple dessert that is a favourite with many of my young friends.  Buy extra bananas and let them get ripe.  Pop them in the freezer whole to have on hand.  When a treat is in order just put one or two in the food processor & pulse until whipped into an ice cream consistency.  Put in a bowl & enjoy.  You can vary this by adding fresh or frozen berries, mango or kiwifruit. 

NO SUGAR just awesome flavour!



Book an appointment to have your child's diet and health assessed by one of our practitioners now.




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#2baby17/01/201821:16A good sharing article, it helped me get more meals for my baby.
#1baby17/01/201821:15A good sharing article, it helped me get more meals for my baby.


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