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When Winter draws to an end and spring starts, we are surrounded by abundant mineral-rich fruit and vegetables; what better time to start a detox.


Detoxification is a normal process that occurs in our bodies everyday. However there are times when this system is overloaded by our lifestyle choices and our exposure to environmental toxins. Toxins are substances that can interfere with the normal processes of the body through interference of normal cellular processes. Toxicity in the world we live in today is unavoidable.


Reducing the toxic burden with dietary and lifestyle modification is fundamental to detoxification. Improving gut barrier function is another way to limit dietary toxins reaching organs like the liver and kidney. Areas of toxic load to consider:


-       Diet and lifestyle (recreational, medicinal, environmental and occupational)

-       Endogenous (hormonal, metabolic, infectious)

-       Gastrointestinal (dysbiosis, microbiome, digestion, elimination, gut integrity)


There are many reasons why individuals are recommended to undergo a detoxification process. This can be as simple as optimizing their current state of health, to improve digestive and liver function, or for those who suffer from chronic or extensive digestive issues. If you feel your body needs support to kick that winter load ask one of our practitioners today.


10 Steps to Start Your Detox Naturally


  1. Daily detox support – recommended to you by your practitioner to support your body’s ongoing detoxification processes
  2. Exercise – Our bodies are designed for regular physical activity. You should aim for 30 to 40 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise 3 to 4 times per week. Plus 1 to 2 sessions per week of strengthening exercises such as weights, yoga or pilates.
  3. Avoid recreational drugs – these include caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.
  4. Pure Water – This is a very simple step to get your body detoxing at a greater rate. So keep up the water intake.
  5. Detoxify your environment – your home and work can be major sources of toxins. Try to eliminate the use of chemical filled cleaning products.
  6. Avoid toxic emotions and stress – Try to avoid being around negative, energy draining people. Choose to be positive, optimistic and focused on improving your health.
  7. Massage – Many massage techniques promote detoxification to incorporate this into your detoxification programme.
  8. Epsom Salt bath - add 1-2 cups of epsom salts to a bath. This is great for drawing toxins out through the skin.
  9. Sweat! - enjoy a sauna, Bikrum yoga or vigorous exercise to get your body sweating out the toxins
  10. Dandilion Tea - enjoy this hot beverage occasionally, to kick your liver into an unexpected "flush out" (avail. at Bethlehem Health and Tea Shop)


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#2johnmn21/12/201704:10The 2018 winter is up..and this post is very helpful for reader.s. I love to stay at and read value books. Thanks for informative article.
#1johnmn21/12/201704:09The 2018 winter is up..and this post is very helpful for reader.s. I love to stay at Homeia and read value book. Thanks for informative article.


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