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Why Is Sugar Poisoning Us?



Do you eat too much sugar? We have gone from eating sugar only as a naturally occurring part of food, to eating more than 1 kilogram of refined sugar in a week! Sugar used to be such a rare substance that humans have not yet adapted an off switch in our body to tell us we have eaten too much of it... so we just eat more! I will focus on just a key few of the many, many ways that sugar is poisoning our bodies.


Eating excess sugar is the key to gaining abdominal weight. If you’ve tried every diet and still can’t lose the weight around your tummy, this is why. Eating sugar tells your body to produce insulin. Excess insulin drives fat stores to your abdomen, as your body prepares for a famine that will never eventuate. Obesity has risen from 1 in 14 to 1 in 5 in just twenty years. We have all cut fat out of our diets with clearly no result, so why aren’t we cottoning on to the true enemy? Other conditions of insulin excess can be high cholesterol and heart disease.


Sugar acts like a drug in our brains, affecting us just as heroin and morphine do. In kids we see the effects of this in our homes, communities and at school. A typically fun, calm, cuddly, sweet child can become a moody, willful, out of control and defiant one. Diagnoses like Attention Deficit Disorder are now more common than ever, and often controllable by diet. Low self-esteem and fearfulness in children are further common symptoms of sugar addiction.


If not a sweet treat, then WHAT?! Sugar is not love. It is society and media that have fed us with sales pitches about how eating certain foods will make your family happy or turn a dismal day into a happy one. We are programmed into believing sugar is happiness, and most of us can’t live without it.

Reward yourself and loved ones with something other than cakes, biscuits and dessert. Start using games, books, hobbies, time, cuddles, a hot bath or massage as alternatives to food.


Take control of your diet; use food as the fuel it really is.


Contact us at The Healing Room to find out more on sugar and how to manage it with a free flowing nervous system, balanced nutrition and healthy belief systems.

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