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When we refer to "diet", we are not referring to going on diets. Your diet is what you maintain as a way of life. The quality of which will determine your body's ability to create enough energy to run your brain, heart, muscles, organs, glands and so on. If you are not willing to address your diet as a potential source of illness, this natural energy cannot be utilised to bring about the necessary changes in your health. There is also no point in providing you with nutritional supplements, if there is not an adequate diet to supplement.


The most frustrating aspect of nutrition is most people put very little emphasis on choosing what they will feed their body. As long as we feel full and satisfied, we are generally happy that we have succeeded. 


Many of us eat and drink to 'feel better' or because we feel we 'deserve it at the end of a hard day'. Where does this emotional reward-focused behaviour stem from? Why do we bribe children with food? Food should not have an emotional attachment; food is fuel! Visit the emotional health area of this website for more details on addressing these areas. 


Does it not make sense that better quality food will create healthier, more functional cells? Does this not mean happier minds, more resiliant muscles, stronger hearts, more radiant skin... It then follows that much lack of health or illness could often result from choosing low quality fuel. Food for thought? 


So let's talk about good quality fuel. Should I avoid fat? Do we need to drink water? Is salt bad? Can I eat wheat? How do I know if I'm allergic or intolerant of my foods? Unfortunately these issues are often falsely advertised by media as being the culprits of certain diseases and conditions, or alternatively, the source to optimal well-being. Understanding that advertising is about income and not often about your well-being is a huge start to taking control of your health. Turn off the television ads!


Nutrition also encompasses tissue deficiencies that have developed due to bad dietary choices, low soil and therefore food levels, toxicities we've been exposed to during our lives or other bodily stresses. At The Healing Room we put a lot of emphasis on finding specific nutritional needs for each individual. There is no 'one size fits all'. We pride ourselves in using top nutritional supplements from reputable companies. Those available over-the-counter are often synthetic chemicals that our bodies struggle to integrate, which can put more stress on our health. Consult a nutritional practitioner before choosing a supplement. You could be doing your body more harm than good.


Eating doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming to be healthy. There are many western habits that need to be challenged to reverse the present rise in so many chronic conditions. Knowledge will give you the freedom and empowerment to know you're doing the right thing by your body and family. Learn more about your nutrition by contacting us now.



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