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Chiropractic is a largely misunderstood form of natural healthcare since not many in the general public could accurately describe what chiropractic is and why one would use it. It is presently the third largest form of healthcare, and the largest, fastest growing form of holistic healthcare. A chiropractor is a primary contact healthcare professional, with a minimum of five years tertiary education. This gives a chiropractor the title "Dr." and a Bachelor degree in Chiropractic (B.Chiro.).



Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by a magnetic healer and teacher D. D. Palmer. He was credited with finding a drugless way of helping all sorts of health problems, with documentation of "curing diseases" ranging from deafness and heart trouble, to stomach complaints and skin disorders.



Chiropractic means literally "done by hand". A chiropractor will adjust areas of the spine that are compromising the health and function of the nervous system. These areas are called "vertebral subluxations". These vertebral subluxations can occur in anybody, independent of age or symptomatic complaints, as they can be caused by either physical, chemical and/or emotional traumas. There is nobody who is exempt from these traumas in our busy world, therefore it is beneficial for everybody to get their spine checked to ensure a healthy functioning nervous system.


vertebral subluxation

This is a complex of structural, chemical, muscular and soft tissue changes that is affecting the flow of information getting to and from the brain via the spinal cord and nerves. These areas can be noticeably sore and achy, may be tender to the touch or may have no pain at all. The consequence of this decreased flow of information depends on the area of the spine that is affected, its severity and also its duration of occurrence.



The primary causes of vertebral subluxation are physical, chemical and/or emotional traumas.
Physical traumas may include sporting injuries, gait or postural imbalances, poor workplace posture, old injuries (as far back as childbirth) or dental treatment.
Chemical traumas are increasing in our modern world, including poor diet, toxins in the air we breath, water we drink and food we eat, and microbes such as bacteria and viruses.
Emotional traumas are harder to define. Stress from a job, death or relationship issue can often create headaches or shoulder tension, which is a good example of feeling symptoms created by a vertebral subluxation.


There are many techniques that you will come across amongst chiropractors. This will depend on where your chiropractor trained and the preference your chiropractor has in how they correct vertebral subluxations. At The Healing Room we use a variety of techniques dependent on the individual being adjusted. We use many 'low-force techniques' for children, elderly and sensitive subluxations. This means that less sudden pressure is used in correction. Techniques included are Thompson, Activator, BGI, trigger point, and toggle techniques. The opposite then implies that high-force is used in correction. In reality this type of adjustment is only a high-velocity adjustment, meaning fast not forceful. Techniques we use included in this group are Diversified and Gonstead techniques. If you are looking for a specific technique please contact us to enquire. 



So how do you tell your friends and family what your chiropractor does and why you go?

Chiropractic is a method of freeing your nervous system from interference. Regular checks and adjustments of your spine will ensure your brain, spine and nerves can talk to all your muscles, bones, organs, glands and tissues as well as they are designed to. In keeping this nerve flow, there is increased likelihood that all your cells can remain healthy and functional through your life, under the stresses you experience daily.



"Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases"

Hippocrates 1500BC


"Look to the nervous system as the key to maximum health"

Galen 200AD


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